Alexa Steinbrück

Freelance Frontend Developer & Creative Technologist

Based in Leipzig/Germany

I am available for freelance work. 

Development of web applications, user interfaces and data visualisations

👋 Hi! I'm Alexa. I develop web applications, websites and mobile apps with a focus on user interfaces and data visualisations since more than 5 years. I specialize in Javascript, React.js & React Native and D3.js.

I enjoy talking with people of different backgrounds and disciplines, listen closely to their use cases and translate this into technical specifications and made-to-measure implementations. I enjoy rapid prototyping and (user) research as much as well-organized code and rigorous testing.

I'm experienced in working in highly international teams, on-site and remotely across different time-zones.

I speak Deutsch, English, Français and Nederlands!

🇺🇳 In the past I worked quite a bit with the United Nations in New York. Some projects are listed in the work section below. I've also worked with German online newspaper Zeit Online on a data journalism and data visualisation project which won a Information is Beautiful Award in 2018.

🎨 In my former life before becoming a full-time developer, I built interactive art installations using Processing & Arduino that make the internet accessible by foot, and illustrated the "juicy vocabulary of computer science" on the web.

🎓 I have a degree in Artifical Intelligence from Universiteit van Amsterdam, where I wrote a thesis about Computational Creativity - this is the research field that tries to formalise processes of creativity and how to make computers creative.

Selected Work


Streetscapes is a datajournalistic project that investigates the linguistic and geographical patterns of street names.

Collaboration with: Zeit Online

Awarded: Kantar Information Is Beautiful Award 2018

Role: Frontend Developer, Creative Technologist


TeamSchedules is a calendar app for staff schedules. It is a module within the product suite of Injixo, a product by InVision.

Company: InVision

Role: Frontend Developer


BitPoll is a small application that enabled the readers of Zeit Online to give their fictitious vote during the US election.

Client: Zeit Online

Role: Frontend Developer


UNROCA is a programme by the UN involving a web platform to collect data from memberstates and make it transparent and openly accessible.

Client: United Nations

Role: Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, UI Designer


PoA is a programme by the UN involving a web platform to collect data from memberstates and make it transparent and openly accessible.

Client: United Nations

Role: Frontend Developer, UI Designer

Other direct and indirect past engagements include:
Gösser, Ars Electronica Futurelab, Cynetart - Festival für internationale Medienkunst, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz.


Web application development


Single-Page-Applications (SPA)

Web apps

Landing pages

Data visualisations

Data analysis

Visualisation Concept



UX (User Experience)

Information Architecture


User testing

Mobile App Development

with React Native

Skills & Stack

Frontend technologies

Javascript (ES5, ES6), Typescript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS

Libraries / Frameworks

React.js, React Native, Redux, D3.js


Building: Webpack, Parcel, Gulp

Testing: Jest, Enzyme, Jasmine, Karma, Cypress

Other technologies (Backend)

Python & Django


Bem, TDD, Pair-programming, Continuous delivery with automated tests

Let's work together.


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You are a designer, artist, developer or journalist and you have an idea for a collaboration -

You are a design studio and you're looking for a web developer with a sense for visual finesse -


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Grants & Awards

Kantar Information is Beautiful Award (2018)

For the datavisualisation project "Streetscapes" in collaboration with Zeit Online

Google Newslab Fellowship (2016)

Grant for work in datajournalism. Realised at Zeit Online


I try to write regularly on Medium.

Currently I am interested in voice assistants and how anthropomporphic designs of intelligent systems impact our understanding of Artificial Intelligence. Check out my essay "Personified machines".

I am also doing an interview series with members of Storytellers United, a diverse and inclusive community of creatives working on innovative forms of storytelling.


  1. Artificial Intelligence
    University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  2. Interactive Art
    Ecole superieure des Beaux Arts de Toulouse (France)

  3. Interaction Design
    Ecole d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence (France)

    2008 - 2009
  4. Malerei, Grafik & Animation
    Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden (Germany)


Other things I do

23. November 2019: Running a workshop about designing intelligent voice assistants at the AI convention "KI und wir*" in Magdeburg, Germany

27. October 2019: I'm running a workshop about designing intelligent voice assistants at Mozfest (Mozilla's annual event) in London. Update: It was a blast! Read my blogpost about it here.

27.-28. Feb 2019: I'm supporting the Storytellers United Hackjam in Manchester as a mentor (co-organized by BBC)